søndag 12. desember 2010

Golden Eagle and Wolverine

Golden Eagles have visited our feeding place regularly lately. In November
we had a wolverine on the feeding place two times. We also have Siberian
Jay's there almost all the time. We have about half a meter of snow at the
time when I write this.

Last evening I was there checking the feeding place - Golden Eagle foot
prints in the snow could not be mistaken!

Wolverine visits are now possible at our feeding place. I cannot give guaranties,
but it is a real possibility for experiencing a Wolverine visit when staying in
the hides. We have registered visits three times since April 2010. We know
this from spotting tracks in the snow. Once, in April, the Wolverine climbed a
three nearby where it left a part of the carcass. Maybe a way of storing food
for later.

The hide and the red cabin are completely finished this autumn. A very
comfortable hide is ready for the customers. We look forward to bring
the first clients there in January 2011. Another and smaller hide is also
ready. Not as comfortable as the big hide and without heating, but it's
a very good place to photograph the wildlife from. Pictures of it will soon
be published in this blog.

The mountainous landscapes around the hide are very beautiful. Some
weeks ago I photographed the hide in the landscape and the full moon
in the background.
Please contact us for more information about this photographic opportunity
in Norway.

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  1. Great to read and know the updated information Svein.
    I´m looking forward to be there with Kåre Johansen in Feb.
    Hopefully we will get some action, take off and landing of these Golden Eagles ( or some other species are perfect to ).